Terms & Conditions - Domestic & Industrial Leak Detections:

Property Requirements and Owner’s responsibilities:

Unrestricted access to all areas of the property will be needed during the Leak Detection process. Should access be restricted the technician may at his discretion re-schedule the appointment to a time when access can be arranged. Any re-visits due to access restrictions will be billed at the same rate as the original appointment. The first visit will be billed at the set hourly rate.

The water supply may also need to be interrupted during the process. Leakfind assumes the property is fitted with an working isolation valve. Should the water not be able to be isolated, the technician may at his discretion re schedule the appointment to a time when an isolation valve has been located or installed. The first visit will be billed at the set hourly rate.

If any water is consumed e.g. Taps opened or Toilets flushed during the testing process. The tests will be stopped. The process will then re-start once water consumption has been halted. This may lead to the tests taking longer and adding to the final cost.

It is very important that notice be given to all parties affected by the testing process prior to the testing being done that water consumption must be suspended during the testing phases.

Excessive noise such as tumble dryers, TV’s or radios etc.  will interfere with the acoustic equipment and we request such items not be used during the testing process.

Hot water cylinders must please not be switched off prior to testing and where possible the showers not be used immediately prior to testing as this may interfere with the test results ( the thermal testing will be affected by such factors)


The cost for a domestic leak detection amounts to a set fee billed per hour. The fee includes all types of testing the technician may deem necessary (The tests may include all or any of the following. Thermal imaging, Tracer gas, Acoustic correlation, Dye flood testing, Static pressure testing and Moisture level testing) and allows for up to 1 hour on site. Please ensure you have received a written quotation prior to testing.

CCTV inspections to underground waste lines are charged separately and should be booked as a separate job.

Please note pipe and utility location and tracing is a separate service. Certain restrictions applies. Please enquire separately re this service.

Should the technician locate the leak in lesser time, the minimum fee for one hour is applicable regardless of time spent on site.

Larger properties may require additional time and tracer gas to complete the  detection. The technician will advise beforehand if more gas will be needed. Additional tracer gas is charged per bottle. Please enquire about the current rate.

Most domestic leak detections can be completed within one hour. Discretion will be used should the technician need a few minutes more.

Should the technician arrive on site and find the property may take longer to assess, we will inform you prior to testing.

Leakfind assume that we are granted permission to proceed with the leak detection up to 2 hours after which any more time needed will need pre authorisation from the client.

Due to the inspections being pre booked, we may need to re schedule the appointment should the technician not have enough time available to him to perform further tests.

Restrictions and solutions explained:

Waste lines can only be tested if the outlet of the pipe is visible and accessible.

Pressure lines can only be gas and pressure tested if they can be isolated.

Unconventional plumbing may result in false positives or negatives. Unconventional installations refer to installations non-compliant  with National Building regulations.

Leaks within voids could interfere with the accuracy of the location. It is paramount to understand that a leak in a void or cavity may not be accurately diagnosed as the gas will follow the route of least resistance making pinpointing of the leak impossible.

Each leak detection is followed by a written report with our findings and recommendations for repairs. We will supply a repairs quotation should the repairs fall within the plumbing scope of works.
Please note that multiple leaks may be present however further testing can’t be resumed till the first leak located is repaired. The reason for this is the pressure inside the line will not be maintained to accurately locate further leaks.

These known leaks will also interfere with any testing method and may result in inaccurate results on other areas tested.

The water will leak from the largest hole and follow the route of least resistance to the surface.

Tracer gas is used due to the molecules being extremely light. The gas will flow via the route of least resistance and surface to the atmosphere due to its light weight.

Our tracer gas equipment is calibrated to locate the tracer gas once it surfaces ( via cracks in the cement floors, via tile grout lines , gaps between paver slabs or soil) The tracer gas test is used to narrow down the location of the leak source.

It is possible that the tracer gas is trapped under damp proofing or flows into a conduit or cavity and the location where the gas surfaces could be different than the source. Such factors can influence the outcome of the report thus the accuracy could be affected by factors outside the control of the leak detections technician.

Please note that once any known leak is repaired the pressure in the closed plumbing system will increase. The next weakest section of pipe may then start leaking if the pipe can’t withstand the pressure.

Also note that if pitting is present small pinholes may clog from within the pipe line when suspended solid particles “plug” the pinholes. This is not an uncommon occurrence and the “plugs” may seal the pipe for an extended period till the water washes these plugs out of the small holes or till these “plugs” break up or dissolve.

Should the leak have stopped shortly prior or during the leak detection process, the technician may report no active leaks. This does not mean there were no leaks, it merely states the leak is inactive.

Waste lines, shower bases and other non-pressure plumbing items can leak too. It is not possible to distinguish from where water originated if the source has become inactive.

The technician may locate a leak on e.g. a shower waste line or trap and report on his findings however it may not be the only source of the water ingress as the pressure leak has become inactive. The technicians findings are not incorrect however the findings may not diagnose all the issues experienced at a property.

Intermittent leaks could result from pitted pipes or small leaks that become active only once a set pressure has been reached. e.g. A pipe may only leak during the evenings when water demand in the surrounding area may be less and the pressure in the water supply lines increase or when a leak becomes active when a pipe expands due to hot water passing through the pipes.

Any defects detected/reported to sanitary items or internal plumbing to units not subjected to the testing process will be seen as pre-existing. E.g. toilets flushing mechanisms allowing water through and taps dripping.

Terms & Conditions - Pool Leak Detections

Swimming pool leaks detections  amounts to a set fee  and allows for up to 1 hour on site. Should the technician require more time , we will invoice pro rata at the same rate for additional time spent on site.

Please note that the inlet and outlet lines needs to be subjected to a tracer gas test in order to locate any leaks on the underground and above ground lines.

The following criteria must be met.

1.The pool filter selector switch must be in working order. 

2.The pool jets must be able to be plugged by means of a inflatable or mechanical plug . In some cases defusers and aerators are fitted into the pool wall that makes the plugging of the line impossible unless the jet are removed. If this is the case, we will require you to get a pool specialist to remove the pool jets prior to testing.

3.Solar heating collector panels and heat pumps must be fitted with isolation valves and a bypass as these items should not be included in the test circuit.

Please note that is often happens where more than one leak is present on a pool system however only one leak can be located at a time. The reason for this is the pressure inside the line will not be maintained to accurately locate further leaks. All known leak(s) needs to be repaired and if loss of water still persist a second detection be booked. 

Our scope of works are focused on the pipe system between the pool and the pool pump. Our assessment does not include diagnosis on the actual structure of the pool.

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