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If a water pipe is not under pressure or the noise from the leak cannot easily be heard then Tracer gas can be a very useful technique to locate water leaks in: Customer Supply Pipes, Underfloor Heating Systems, Boilers, Central Heating Systems, Mains Distribution Networks. Read more
When a pressurised water pipe leaks the water flows out which causes the pipe and surrounding material (mud, concrete tarmac) to vibrate. This sound, or vibration, is transmitted along the pipe and through the surrounding material (ground borne water leak noise) which we pick up with our equipment. Read more
Thermal imaging cameras are a very useful instrument in the water leak detectors’ tool box, and it offers a quick, non-intrusive method to locate water leaks and trace the route of hot water pipes. Thermal Imaging Cameras can also be used for HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical and Building Thermal Surveys. Read more
Knowing the current condition of pipelines is essential for maintaining wastewater and storm water network systems. We offer a comprehensive, technical and environmentally-friendly solution to pipeline inspection Read more
Problems with blocked drains? Grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages. Leakfind through subsidiary Drain Clean 24 can assist. Read more
To accurately locate water pipes trace cables and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all utility services. Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to inaccurate or non-existent network plans. Locating sewer lines and any internal defects making use of [...] Read more
We offer do general plumbing and repairs as well as leak detection. We have highly qualified plumbers, and take great pride in our work. Read more

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